Lifeloc® Master Trainer

Who is Lifeloc Technologies?  

Lifeloc Technologies, Inc., a publicly traded company develops, manufactures and markets portable hand-held breathalyzers. The Company competes in all major segments of the portable breath alcohol testing instrument market, including law enforcement, workplace, corrections, original equipment manufacturing and various consumer markets.


What Professional Devices Does Lifeloc Offer

Lifeloc offers may professional and personal evidential breath testing devices. Information and pricing can be found by visiting our online store.

Andrew Easler, the lead instructor for Easler Education is a factory authorized master trainer and distributor of Lifeloc Evidential Breath Testers. As a LifeLoc Master Trainer, Andrew Easler can certify users in the operation and calibration of various devices, including but not limited to the EV30 Evidential Breath Testes and the Phoenix 6.0 Evidential Breath Testers.

Below you will find our instructor, Andrew Easler’s factory certifications