Our drug and alcohol course content and learning management platform is designed with the modern professional in mind. We have designed courses to embrace the dynamic educational standards of today’s workforce. We identified four distinct categories of educational practices to focus on:

  • Technology: The resources available to professional educators has grown leaps and bounds over the past decade. Our trainees love that they can have digital access to training materials at any time, that video, audio, and online course integration allows them to learn at their pace and on their time on a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.
  • Value: We believe that our students should expect more from a course than simply getting qualified and certified on the fundamentals. We want to see our students succeed after getting become a qualified collector so our course involves building an extra level of value that takes you even further. We can help answer questions like, “how much should I charge for my new service?” and “what kind of technology can I use to enhance my services?”
  • Interest: While incorporating technology and building value into our courses are necessary components of certification, we knew that the modern professional is also looking for some level of entertainment to keep their focus and interest in the content of the course. We have added examples, anecdotes, and other unique enhancements to our courses to ensure the full satisfaction of our students.
  • Approved Courses:  Many courses we offer are approved for continuing education credits, which means they have met very high standards by the top accrediting substance abuse institutions.

The Founder

Andrew Easler Andrew David Easler started his career in the United States Air Force and, subsequent to an honorable discharge, earned his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Central Florida.

As an entrepreneur, he started and sold many businesses including a successful DNA, drug, and alcohol testing company which became a springboard for leadership in the industry.  Mr. Easler earned the coveted Regional Certified Professional Collector Trainer (R-CPCT) and the Certified Designated Employer Representative Trainer (C-DER) designation from the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), and has developed corporate training programs and certification courses for organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Easler specializes in educational technology integration and inter-curricular relationship recognition and utilization. Lastly, as a believer in career-adaptability and the necessity for ongoing professional education, and has also developed an entire repertoire of professional curricula designed to maintain and enhance the potential value of any entrepreneur or employee in a dynamic economic environment.

In order to take his education company to the next level, he is currently enrolled at Florida A & M University College of Law working toward his JD with a focus on employment and health law.

Team Players


In 2012, after searching for hours online and in-person trying to find a reliable, experienced, and credible drug, alcohol, and DNA paternity testing certification provider Andrew Easler soon realized that he was unable to find a provider that he felt confident in and most importantly comfortable with.

Armed with a Bachelors in Education from the University of Central Florida Andrew teamed up with well-known entrepreneur James Timothy White and set out to create the “Harvard” of the testing industry certification providers — Andrew’s main goal was to create online and in-person drug testing certification courses that companies and students would be proud of, and most importantly a certification provider that students would not be embarrassed to tell their colleges about.

In 2013, DrugTestingCourses.com became a reality and has since certified, trained and fostered students from around the world, and even helping some of the students start their own drug testing business.

Today, Easler Education offers the most comprehensive DOT and non-DOT drug testing, DNA and paternity testing education and development courses in the United States, Canada, and the world. Unlike most drug testing certification course providers, our original courses are not only engaging but have been developed by highly trained and competent education professionals holding degrees in education with years of industry experience.


There are many choices for specimen collector qualification, training, and certification out there, so how do you know you found the one that is right for you? Ask them some simple questions:

Our courses involve interactive online lesson modules coupled with enhanced documents on digital download, online exams, and virtual demonstrations.

Our courses are self-paced. You can finish many of our courses in as little as one day, working hard at it!

Easler Education has been registered as an approved education provider from many leading certification programs to offer CE Credits, and we are always adding to the list of CE Credits we provide. For more information on CE Credits, click here.

We take what we do seriously. Easler Education is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau. Go ahead check out our rating!

Our trainer, Andrew Easler is not only armed with Bachelors of Education degree from the University of Central Florida, he is a licensed educator with the Florida Department of Education. There is, however, no official governmental or private accrediting body in the industry, but the current foremost authority in the industry is the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), which Easler Education is a sustaining member of and our trainer, Andrew Easler, has earned the organization’s Regional Certified Professional Collector Trainer designation and provides training and mock collections for their designations. Lastly, Easler Education Inc. is an approved education provider for SHRM, HRCI, NAADAC, and our courses are consistently being submitted for other continuing education credits. If you would like to see if our courses may qualify for your continuing education credits, please give us a call at 1-888-390-5574 or send us an email at [email protected]!

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about our courses or would like to talk to a instructor please contact us at 1-888-390-5574.

After looking at the competition I was very impressed with the website and how easy it was to begin a course. I had a few questions, and when I called I was delighted to talk to Andrew who was very friendly, helpful and even provided me with some good ideas on how to start my drug testing business! I would highly recommend them to anyone who want’s to start a drug testing business.

Amy Tan
Entrepreneur , Cay Accounting Services